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Garage sale heaven…

Garage sale anyone?

It’s easy to tell the summer had ended in Sun City; beside from the 100 plus degree heat, garage sale signs have tripled in number from those dog days of summer. Not that we don’t have them in Sun City year round but during June, July and August pickings get pretty slim. Of course the good news during the dreadful heat you don’t usually have to fight people off to get that one really special piece you stumble across.

A few weeks back i was working at the museum when we had a visitor from Sun City Grand. She asked if we allowed for garage sale signs in Sun City. I couldn’t help but laugh as i told her we have more garage sale signs than people living here. Seems the covenants in Grand don’t allow for signs placed on corners, they have a giant community sale where residents can bring their junk (oops, highly collectible stuff).

One of the sources for constant consternation in the community is when folks attach their sale signs to lamp posts or stop signs. If you are going to do it, get it right. Get the ever-present box and the heavy rock to hold it place with notice on the side of said box. Sometimes people use too light a rock, the wind comes up and no one knows you are even open. The real pro’s though use the small sandwich board from the good old days when they were a realtor and got stuck buying those home for sale signs they put on every corner to tell of an open house.

Another sure sign it’s garage sale season is cars are parked every which way. I mean literally, some of these really desperate bargain seekers can’t be bothered to park on the right side of the street. They just pull up in front of the driveway going the wrong direction, leap from their car and race into the house. Mercifully most remember to put it in park. I ride my bike to the ones i stop at and you should see the dirty looks i get because i get a primo spot in the driveway. My only concern is someone buys/sells it while i check out the used books.

The real dilemma is which ones to go to. Nothing worse than being on your bike, follow a sign and then find it 4 blocks over. Invariably they are the ones with three racks of used clothing, 4 really ugly hand-made pottery pieces and a great collection of grandma’s doilies. The real test for a true garage sale’r is if they still stop on Saturdays. With most starting on Thursday, you’ve got to know all the good stuff will be gone by the weekend. And you’ve got to love the guy who stops on Wednesday before they are even set up because his wife needs to go to the hospital for an emergency operation the next day. Best of all are the people pounding on the garage door at 6:30 am, when the sale starts at 8 am.

Last but not least, let’s not forget the pecking order of importance. Here’s my list, but for those of you who take this seriously, feel free to adjust mine (least to most):

1). Yard sale.

2). Patio sale.

3). Garage sale.

4) Moving sale.

5). Estate sale.

6). Every thing half off sale.

Don’t get me started on estate sales. I can’t get myself to buy into the logic of being number 122 in line to get into the old homestead the kids are liquidating so they can take the world cruise. In the end, happy hunting to all of you who have turned this into an art form. Seriously, there’s days we may well have more garage sale aficionado’s than we have golfers.


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