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As the former president of the Del Webb Sun Cities museum, i was fortunate to see, read and hear things most Sun City residents haven’t been able to enjoy. Their archives are filled with the back side stories of how the community came together. Prior to being on the board at the museum i spent three years on the board of directors at the Sun City Home Owners Association (SCHOA), two years on the board of the Sun City Visitor Center and between did all of the writing for Sun City’s 50th anniversary.

It’s been a labor of love. When we say Sun City is the community of volunteers, it is spot on. This blog is just another in a long line of those who fell in love with Sun City and wanted to chronicle their time here. Hope you enjoy it; i know i do.


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  1. Much like Sun City was the “great social experiment,” this blog is an experiment to see if we can entice, cajole or enlist you to become a willing participant in the exploration of Sun City past, present and future. We will start by showing visitors the unique history of two communities carved from nothing but cotton fields and a dream. Simply knowing the history, in my opinion, isn’t enough, it doesn’t take advantage of using it as guideposts to the future. We think this blog can become the Burma Shave signposts along the virtual highway. Once you have seen them, can you ever forget them? While Burma Shave only insured a smoother shave, we think we can help show you why there is no better place to live than Sun City and Sun City West, and in a way that will be memorable.

    Let me start by thanking Pulte Homes/DEVCO (the old Del E Webb Development Corporation) for allowing us to use the Del Webb Sun Cities name on our museum. And thanks as well to the Robert H. Johnson Foundation and the Del E Webb Foundation for the awesome memorabilia we have on loan at the museum. In 2009 as we approached Sun Cities 50th anniversary, we saw an opportunity to take the remarkable collections we had and to turn the corner and look beyond the 850 square feet of the first model home that now houses our museum.

    There has been a wonderful renewal of interest in our history with nearly 2000 people going though the museum in the first 7 months; almost equal to what we have had in the last three years. While we are excited by the growth, realistically we could never draw the numbers necessary to justify our existence. Understanding that, the museum’s board felt showcasing our collections on the internet would give us a wider breath and depth of audience. The Del Webb Sun Cities Museum site is laden with pictures, stories, marketing genius and an inside look at a community, the company and the residents that made it all work.

    Sun Cities Today goes well beyond that. We see a potential to reach out and touch people in a way that was lost once DEVCO left Sun City. Their marketing strategies were all about bringing people together. Think about it: Age restricted communities are about gathering people in a single setting where varying interests of those living there suddenly all work for the common good. They come to understand how simple life can be when they are focused on the problems, issues and joys that are directly in front of them. Life inside these walls is that darn good.

    You don’t have to take my word for it; we will give you ample opportunity to find out for yourselves. We look forward to this site becoming the “commons,” a neighborly gathering place where we can share stories, ask questions and find the solution to a “new way to live.” As we were leaving on a cruise one year, we stopped at a gift shop in Miami and were mesmerized by a sign on the wall, it said: Enjoy the journey, not the destination. We think if we can get you to slow down, dig deep and savor your time with us, you will begin to understand why the Sun Cities age restricted communities are about as good as life can get. Best of all, you don’t have to be here to begin that journey, walk through the pages of our history and you will hear, see and feel the emotional tug residents have felt from the very beginning.

    Thanks for stopping by, we are a work in progress. so pardon our dust as this site takes shape and we make it a comfortable place to hang out. Those of us living here always talk about the serenity of coming home to our Sun Cities, hopefully you too will find that same quiet comfort of a simpler sweeter way to live.

    Bill Pearson.

    • Bill: I’m working on a history of retirement in the U.S. circa 1890 to 2012. I’m looking for some photos of Del Webb communities since their inception. Looks like you are the person to talk to. Could you point me in the right direction perhaps? Please contact me at 610-505-0832 or via email at Thank you. David Evanson

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