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My bad; been busy playing with some new “friends” online of late and have done nothing in the way of telling the Sun City story. It’s actually been a hoot, given the mental stimulation of dealing with people who neither like you or what you stand for. There’s been an abundance of opportunity to grow in both knowledge and tolerance (though at times, apparently i’ve missed the mark on the latter).

The good thing is i’ve had lots of time on my hands. The RCSC is down (from a board perspective) for the month of July and we put mom on a plane back to Minnesota for a couple of months. Consequently most of my days and nights are open to do as i please. Suffice to say, i did just that. The best part of this exploration has been to open my eyes to just how important it is to continue to push the mental limits as we age. Way too many people think once they retire they know it all; nothing could be further from the truth.

One of the countless numbers of threads i started on newszap (much to the consternation of my more conservative new buds), was one called Words. Suffice to say; i love words. I love the sound , the feel, the texture. I love how one can play with them, twist them and mold them into multiple meanings. I love the fact they can spark an imagination, ignite a flame of fury or even help a romantic fall in love. Words when used well bring about a zest and appreciation of all things seen and unseen. Visual eye candy for those willing to simply seek them out.

Hence, the title: Cerebral. Love that one; just do. It conjures up all things mentally stimulating. Here’s one of the meanings of it: ” Appealing to or requiring the use of the intellect; intellectual rather than emotional.” Here’s what’s so intriguing about it: Using words well, engaging the process of thought and doing it with a touch of flare often can trigger those emotions. It’s like a two-fer…two for the price of one.

The significance to the importance of cerebral will hopefully reveal itself in the coming year. We (the RCSC) has always been brilliant at fulfilling its obligations to the physical portion of the equation regarding the active way of life contained in its mission statement. I’m not convinced it has done as well on the section dealing with the “well-being” of those living here (ie: the mental aspect). Stay tuned as we play this one out; i think most of you will be delighted.

A final note in closing; seems the irony of this should not be lost. I’m writing this just a day or two after the Aurora tragedy. Shocking we continue to see those things happen, but it’s pretty clear they will not end any time soon. A friend and i were emailing back and forth and i mentioned i got booted off newszap again (makes number 4). He was quite astute to note that since the shooting at the movie theatre there has been repeated cries for gun control. But this observation was far better: Guns apparently in our society are just fine…it’s words that get banned.

Truth truly is sometimes stranger than fiction.

Interesting commentary and spot on.


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