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Banned Again

You’ve got to love my friends on the right; they talk a good game (well kind of; nuh not really, they cut and paste well), but when push comes to shove, they fall on their face trying to get out-of-the-way of anyone willing to challenge them. No offense to anyone posting on Newszap, but most of you are some really squeamish buggers.

I had no sooner than logged in under a new name, revealed it was me and bam, you went running off to the administrator claiming your feelings were hurt. Geez, grow some ovaries will you. What’s so funny is they have no problem filling the site with the most vile of attacks, insults and demeaning cartoons of the president they can find. And let’s be blunt, this isn’t mainstream political humor, this is vicious and bordering on libelous.

Perhaps liberals are more tolerant, because we don’t let our sensitivity undies get in a bunch and cry to the webmaster. We simply reply back. I hate politics, i love these kinds of games. Just mano e mano (i mean other than you all running to the webmaster to get me banned).

Too fun. I did get my post back about the goodly and godly gov walker and once the storm of controversy dies perhaps i’ll share it with you all. The interesting fact about this latest banning was my expulsion was within minutes of receiving that post back. Can anyone spell vindictive?

All together now: v i n d i c t i v e ?


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2 thoughts on “Banned Again

  1. Anonymous on said:

    Good to hear you are stil active. Not one of my posts was used for many months – near expulsion.

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