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Banned Again

You’ve got to love my friends on the right; they talk a good game (well kind of; nuh not really, they cut and paste well), but when push comes to shove, they fall on their face trying to get out-of-the-way of anyone willing to challenge them. No offense to anyone posting on Newszap, but most of you are some really squeamish buggers.

I had no sooner than logged in under a new name, revealed it was me and bam, you went running off to the administrator claiming your feelings were hurt. Geez, grow some ovaries will you. What’s so funny is they have no problem filling the site with the most vile of attacks, insults and demeaning cartoons of the president they can find. And let’s be blunt, this isn’t mainstream political humor, this is vicious and bordering on libelous.

Perhaps liberals are more tolerant, because we don’t let our sensitivity undies get in a bunch and cry to the webmaster. We simply reply back. I hate politics, i love these kinds of games. Just mano e mano (i mean other than you all running to the webmaster to get me banned).

Too fun. I did get my post back about the goodly and godly gov walker and once the storm of controversy dies perhaps i’ll share it with you all. The interesting fact about this latest banning was my expulsion was within minutes of receiving that post back. Can anyone spell vindictive?

All together now: v i n d i c t i v e ?



Awesome! There’s a first for everything eh? And let me say, back in my drinking days, i was thrown out of far better places than Newszap (but that was 37 some years back). But alas, it’s a sad tale of woe: On the morning after the white wash in Wisconsin (just doesn’t have the same ring as the thrilla in Manilla) where the heavy hitters bought their way into the hearts and souls of even the best of intended Wisconsinite’s, i got a little carried away.

Before we go there, for those of you who don’t know, our weekly newspaper The Independent has had a pretty good local community weblog/forum. For years different west valley communities have had their own online gathering place. Kudo’s to the Independent for doing so.

Then a funny thing happened on the way to the forum (too funny). Some genius in places unknown decided an “upgrade” was necessary. It took them months to release it and when they did, it was a mess. Impossible login, timed out postings and wholly illogical failures to proceed. Hell, even the brilliant right wingers were moaning.

But i digress; the site’s biggest problems came as all the west valley communities were thrown together as having one common ground. Nothing could have been more bizarre. The Surprise folks have a callous cast of characters whose primary purpose in life is to bash President Obama. You’d think adults would be more mature and civilized, but within short order it was clear thinking was never one of their strengths.

I have to admit i was giving serious consideration to asking Sheriff Joe to conduct one of his high level investigations. You know, something along the lines of what the hell are they putting in the water there to cause all of this adult attention deficit disorder (AADD). I tried calling Joe but he was on the line to Hawaii, guess a couple of the Posse got lost and he was on a search and rescue mission.

That Tuesday morning where the billionaires that paved and paid Walker’s way into the record books were all toasting themselves into oblivion (along with a handful of the more keen Surprise folks who posted cartoons) i took some liberties. Yup, unleashed some of my acerbic wit and rattled off some of my more lewd and crude rebuttals towards them.

The irony is, a week or two before as i told them i was leaving the site, they threw down the gauntlet (while in their case it was more like Michael Jackson’s one white glove). I picked it up, dusted off the whole ugly political crap and started dueling with them. It was boring and tiresome at best, but something to amuse me and confuse them.

Apparently my rapier like writing style pierced them to the heart (in actuality it got them about two feet lower and around the other side). With bruised ass and ego, they went whining to the webmaster (who is obviously a graduate of the Rush Limbaugh school of journalism and i was promptly ejected.

Worse yet, the weasel took down my post. I have demanded he return it to me and restore my honor (really, i have very little). I can live without Newszap, but i want my post back. It was one of the most on point succinctly done pieces i have ever comprised. To date he is failing to acknowledge me other than to quote some numbers (10, 17 and 32) from the code of conduct.

Persistence is my middle name; hard to believe my parents had that kind of foresight, so i will continue to pursue this. If i ever get it back, i’ll post it here and maybe send it off to some of my more liberal friends; perhaps it will go viral; maybe even drive some folks that lean towards the left go have some fun with the cut and pasters from Surprise.

In the meantime, keep an eye out for that petition for Joe to check the water supply in Surprise. How they behave may not even be their fault.; and as a caring liberal i’d want to see them get some quality professional help before Obamacare becomes the law of the land.

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