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Yesterday in Sun City…

A glimpse of things to come: A great time was had by all as we gathered to listen to Judith Ann Trolander. The Del Webb Sun Cities Museum hosted the special presentation by the author of From Sun City to the Villages. This well done text-book is a must read for those who are interested in the growth and development of age restricted communities.

Professor Trolander, from the University of Duluth, took us on a journey of the senior’s migration from the rocking chair to the age of active retirement. It was enlightening and the one thing most clear was that Del Webb and his people were the innovators. The fact is, Sun City residents live in the place it all began. Other communities followed, but were all inspired by the original Sun City.

The question and answer session was great. We had several couples in the audience and after the event got a chance to talk to several of them. Perhaps the best commentary was from the most recent buyers who have found their place in the sun. They loved the community and like all of us, wonder why more “boomer’s” aren’t looking at Sun City.

Simple IMHO (in my humble opinion); if they know about Sun City, people still think it’s a place where old people go to die. Nothing new there, that’s been the case from the day they began selling homes in the valley of the sun. The perception has always been strangled by those blindly believing what their mind see’s rather than what the reality is.

Meeker understood this and combatted it by an aggressive program of bringing people to the community and letting nature take its course. Love affairs were instantaneous and home purchases followed time after time. The Play and Stay was his brain child. Odd, because today nothing has changed, people visit, buy and love their new home.

Last night we left the walls and went to Phoenix to the MIM (Musical Instrument Museum). First time there and quite an experience. The place is huge and we’ll have to back to see the bulk of it. Friends invited us to go see a show that was passing through and it was a real treat. The unusual group was both fun and frivolous. The Caravan of Thieves were unlike anything we typically find in Sun City but it was definitely an enjoyably night out.

All of this is just the lead up to what hopefully becomes a more interesting perspective of what Sun City is and where we hope to take it. The internet has so much potential to show and tell those looking for a retirement destination and that Sun City should be worthy a look. Within months the RCSC’s new marketing site will be live and looking for ways to showcase all Sun City has to offer. One of the feature’s i would love to see is a “yesterday in Sun City” complete with picture and blurbs about what made the day so special. We’ll see.

For now, we’re busy enjoying both the ride and the destination. Nice!


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