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Suffice to say, my first three months on the Rec Centers of Sun City (RCSC) board have been interesting. The challenges of working within a structure built over near on 50 years often are daunting. Time tends to solidify the process and because the day-to-day demands are so high on the paid staff, the organization moves slowly (that’s not a bad thing).

The important aspect of this is they do move. Glacially may be a bit slower than i’d like to see, but doing anything well is almost always better than just doing something differently. Perhaps the best part of this is i have found the board members have come to the table with an open mind and an eye to the future.

The biggest struggle for all of us are the time lines; a three-year term give us really a short period to make any kind of meaningful changes. Setting direction is the first step and working with committees to help determine where we are going is an important part in the process. Imagine how the staff feels with a constant revolving door as new board members bring new ideas.

For purposes of this discourse, i want to hone in on the committee i chair; member communications. I asked to be assigned to it; i see it as one of the areas we can address and have some of the quickest results. At our March meeting the committee identified a dozen areas we feel we have purview over (though we missed a couple). Now we will begin looking at each of them in-depth.

In preparation for this Tuesday’s (4-10-12) meeting at 1 pm in the board room at Lakeview i began an internet search. Google is fabulous and after typing in “effective communication” and hitting search, i quickly got back an amazing 102,000,000 results. Nope, didn’t read them all (he said with a smile), but i did begin reading through some of the more interesting ones.

The oddity is there often is a wide difference of opinion between what we see as effectively communicating versus a lot of communications. I think much of what has happened over the years at the RCSC is that communications become simply what we need to do on a month to month basis. Rather than taking on a life of its own, it simply exists out of sheer need.

I’m excited by the prospect of addressing these kinds of issues with the communications committee. Much of my life has been built around achieving outcomes; basing direction on how well we are doing on any given task. I found when things weren’t working as well as they could or should have, it was time for an honest evaluation, assessment and redirection.

I would invite any Sun City resident interested to sit in on this Tuesday’s meeting as a guest. We are on the cusp of formatting a new direction in a number of areas on how we communicate with members of the RCSC and if you want to be part of it, stop on by and join us. It will be an eye-opening experience for all of us.


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