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It’s about time…

I’m fascinated by words that have entirely different meanings, even though they say the same thing. “It’s about time” is one of those phrases. Better than that, it helps describe why i’ve been missing in action of late. I just noted my last blog was posted the end of February; meaning i have been woefully inadequate in converting my thoughts on Sun City living to text. Sorry.

Seems my time is at more of a premium these days; which in turn means i’m less interested in giving away those quiet moments where i can read a good book, put down a lawn bowl or play around on the computer. Selfish? Maybe, but that is one of the joys of being retired: Doing what you want, when you want to do it.

And before anyone thinks i’m playing the martyr card here, serving on the Rec Centers of Sun City (RCSC) board isn’t all that consuming. Yes, there are days on the calendar each month we are committed to. Some weeks are worse than others, but it’s far from a job and way more enjoyable.

There’s another thing; the marketing committee is working on a website using a the WordPress platform and there may well be blogging options included with it. It has the potential to allow those of us who like to occasionally express ourselves with something other than a golf club the opportunity to share our thoughts and drive traffic with something more than a static site.

It’s exciting and just the tip of the iceberg relative to things coming down the road in Sun City. My first three months on the RCSC board have been wonderfully enlightening. Haven’t always agreed, but i have found both staff and other board members willing to listen and let ideas churn and percolate. That’s healthy.

Stay tuned, lots happening and i my opinion, all for the common good. For those mystified by the single phrase/double meaning reference early on, let me clarify; It’s about time i got off my big old fat butt and did some writing and the reason i hadn’t, was simply because it was about the lack of time i had available. Cool eh?


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