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Sybil…then and now

If one is so inclined, they can do some digging and find a previous post (approximately 8 months back) where i introduced Sybil to the blogging world. She was all of eight pounds when we got her and while we struggled with a name for a bit, she quickly aided us by demonstrating a multiple personality disorder that left us little choice. Sybil fit the bill perfectly.

She turned 1-year-old on Sunday this past week and she has grown into quite a character. This magnificent standard tuxedo party poodle hasn’t completely abandoned puppiedom, but she grows better with each passing week. Those of you who have had the joy of puppies in your life, know what i mean. There’s nothing like a puppy who has the capacity to eat virtually anything they can get their mouth around. We took a large pineapple palm down out back as it was the source of more fiber than we cared to think about for her.

Most of those days are in the past (we hope). The reality is, one always need keep an eye out as she works her way towards her terrible twos. She is now close to 55 pounds, still likes to hop around like a kangaroo and still loves to torment her older sister Phoenix. Nixie takes it like a trooper as Sybil latches on to her ears and pulls for all she is worth. Hit and run, hit and run as the older pup (also a standard poodle) mostly ignores her sisters juvenile delinquencies.

I’ll keep it brief as i know way too many people who go on and on about how their dog is the best, the smartest, and the most loved animal on 4 feet. Truth be told, almost all of them are sweethearts and invariably provide us with hours of fun and tons of love each and every day of our lives. Having a dog is a good thing, and loving them is even better.

Just be careful if you see us out and about. Sybil thinks everyone is talking to her and she wants to watch what you are doing. And lord forbid if you come by the house, that crazy girl is convinced you only came by to see her. The oddity is she won’t try to kiss you to death, she will bug you till you acknowledge her and make her the center of your attention. But then what puppy doesn’t want to feel special?


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