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We’ve talked in the past about DEVCO’s remarkable marketing efforts in the early 60’s. They were simply brilliant. The picture adjacent is just an example of how far ahead of the curve they were…in this case they created their own word to describe exactly what was so appealing about the Sun City way of life.

The accompanying picture is one of hundreds featured in major magazines across the United States. This one is from the Saturday Evening Post in 1963 and was obviously a staged photo whereby the magazine invited people to bring their lawn chairs and spot them in the middle of the street. You have to love the whole concept of relaxing amidst the “flow of traffic.”

The marketing folks took it a step further when they coined the word “relaction” for an ad they did. It was a compilation of the diversity of the community where some folks came to be active and busy 12/7 (please note as we age we need that other 12 to sleep) while others were more than happy to laze by the pools and do as little as possible. Simply put, it was the good life.

All of this is a great segue to explain my lack of posts over the last month or so. I love writing but i just needed a break. The one problem with Sun City is i tend to get consumed by what i get involved with. I’ve always struggled with the idea of balance in my life; its always been all or nothing. With the museum only open by appointment and a number of short trips (Vegas, Vancouver BC and Seattle) all scheduled and mom gone for 6 weeks i shifted gears.

It was a wonderful break as i got my big old butt back into the rec centers and began working out again. I also kicked up my reading and am doing 4 to 5 books a week. Life is good and it has caused me to scratch my head and wonder if i don’t need a break from volunteering and being involved and just focus on my health and well being. Selfish? Maybe.

The “other issue” causing me some degree of consternation is whether to run for the RCSC board. I know the time and commitment it takes and worse yet, i know my inability to do things at less than 100% all in. Retirement is way too precious to lose ones perspective over challenges that no one cares about. The only reason i would run would be to make a difference and to help redirect Sun City back to a better sense of community. I love challenges, but i also love the freedom to do what i want when i want.

For the time being, i think i will just kick back and continue relactioning my summer away. Nice.


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